Empowering a personalized journey for cancer care

Ongev is the first ever interactive digital healthcare company created by and for cancer patients focused on YOU and your circle of care. Our mission is simple: to help you solve the challenges that you experience within the current healthcare system.


Our Solution


Patient In Control

With Ongev, you can control the health records that you actually own. We will help you find and transfer all of your records into one, easy to navigate, useful and organized personal health record.

Precision Care

We’ll help you find information, resources and, critically, therapies, drugs and clinical trials specifically matched to your health data and history. You won’t have to sort through hundreds of irrelevant trials and therapies.

Own Your Data

New privacy laws are clear that patients own their data and soon, no one will be able to access your data or sell it without your approval. We will help you license your data for research.

Health Exchange

We will create a marketplace for various providers of services and products to personalize their offering to you, like vitamin regimens, special diets, financial and insurance services.


Your Advocate


Having a personalized journey for cancer treatment gives you your own virtual security box that maintains all of your health records in an easily accessible digital place:

  • access to relevant care treatment information
  • identifying clinical trials that are more precisely aligned with your illness
  • leading to potentially more personalized diagnostic testing and therapeutics
  • other support services, products, relevant health articles and research
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