Empowering Patients By Simplifying Their Healthcare Journey

Ongev is the first-ever interactive digital healthcare company created by and for patients and their circle of care. Our mission is simple: We empower a personalized journey for your health.


Our Solution


Own Your Data

New privacy laws are clear that patients own their data and soon, no one will be able to access your data or sell it without your approval. We will help you license your data for research.

Patient In Control

You can control the health records that you actually own. We will help you find and transfer all of your records into one, easy to navigate, useful and organized personal health record. Having a personalized journey for your treatment provides a private virtual security box that maintains all of your health records in an easily accessible digital place.

Precision Care

We’ll help you find information, resources, therapies, drugs and clinical trials matched to your health data and history. You won’t have to sort through volumes of information including irrelevant trials and therapies.

Health Marketplace

We will create a marketplace for various providers of services and products to personalize their offering to you, like vitamin regimens, special diets, financial and insurance services.

Ongev's Privacy Pledge badge

Your Advocate


Data is currency. Nowhere is that more apparent than with your healthcare data. The trouble is that many in the industry want to profit from your data. And unless they reside in California, they can do so WITHOUT your knowledge or approval. At Ongev, we believe that’s wrong. We want to make this abundantly clear: under no circumstance will we offer, sell, or transfer your data to any third party to use for their own purposes.

This is more than a policy at Ongev, it’s our PRIVACY PLEDGE to you. This is at the core of our mission: You. Own. Your. Data. We will never compromise our respect for your privacy. The healthcare data that you provide, and is stored on our site, will be for your benefit. We will only use your data to help Ongev customize your offerings, content, insights, services, products, and therapeutics (including clinical trial matching). We will only allow our third party service providers to use your data for authorized purposes that are intended to support the services we provide to you. In other words, your data will help us improve our benefits to you. Any other use of your data is exclusively at your discretion. No exceptions to this rule. You have the right to access your data. If you want to license your data, we will help you navigate the transaction. We are an advocate on behalf of you and your wellness. We achieve that by simplifying your healthcare journey.

If you have any questions related to our Privacy Pledge, please contact us. Thank you for trusting us to work on your behalf.

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