Ongev is a patient-centered, digital, precision healthcare platform that lets patients consolidate and control their health data while providing personalized therapeutic and educational information. We offer this exclusively to companies as an added employee health benefit.

Healthcare management is challenging, so let Ongev help your employees access their medical history, organize their health data to simplify their personal health journey and educate themselves for their lONGEVity. A solution like this has never been available before and we are excited to offer it to your company.

Offering benefits that empower employee wellness is a hallmark of today’s innovative employers. So, we encourage companies to pursue progressive healthcare benefits and you deserve a simple solution that supports your employees making informed healthcare decisions and positive choices. When your employees make positive choices regarding their wellness, they are happier and more productive people. That’s why we created Ongev.

It is vital to create an environment that encompasses a deeper level of care particularly through health. With 6 out of 10 adults in the U.S. having a chronic disease (and the major contributor to our Nation’s $3.5T annual health care cost according to the CDC) your employees are likely to face the emotional, physical and financial burdens of a healthcare journey. Adding Ongev to your employees’ benefits program, will help to promote these benefits to your company: Decrease in healthcare premium costs, increase in job satisfaction and productivity, increase in employee retention rate, and more.

Only with your exclusive membership with Ongev, your employees will receive:


One Organized Place

All their personal health records will be located in one place; organized and easy to navigate of which will not be accessible to their employer


Curated Care

Their Ongev dashboard offers precision-matched therapeutic options, as well as targeted information, research, and clinical trials, for patient and provider to consider all patient health solutions.


Special Content

Personalized access to Ongev’s vast network including our very own Dr. Arnold Baskies and Bill Novelli.

Add Ongev’s precision care platform to your company’s benefits package because you care about your employees as individuals and want to support their health needs. Invite them to be proactive using this platform, as this tool will allow all to make more informed decisions about their health.No matter their health situation, Ongev provides the necessary tools to help manage their specific journey.

Our hope is that your employees will use Ongev to better understand their healthcare story. Using the Ongev platform will give your valued employees the research and smart insights to make more informed healthcare decisions.

We hope our commitment to you and your employees’ health is something you take advantage of.